Do Cruise Ships Have Morgues

All oceangoing cruise vessels have at least one doctor and two nurses who live onboard and are on call 247. The one I heard that is why HAL serves so much icecream- they tend.

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These areas are off-limits to guests.

Do cruise ships have morgues. A morgue is actually required by international law. Most ships have room for 36 departed guests. The body is then unloaded at the next port but only if the port country is willing to accept the body and issue a death certificate.

Look around on your next cruise its not uncommon to see elderly people or those in seemingly poor health. Yes there is a morgue but the rest is a joke it came from comdeians on a cruiseship I am sure. I was also told that in the past this one cruise line did perform burials at sea but got into trouble one time when they buried one guy only to find out he was cruising with his mistress not his wife.

Large cruise ships can have a population as large as an entire small town so its necessary that they are prepared for a passenger death or deaths. Ship morgues can accommodate 6 to 10 bodies. Ships have morgues where they store the bodies until they can arrange for repatriation of remains.

Cruise ships do have on-board morgues in the case that one is needed. Larger ships might have a second doctor and additional nursing staff. Ships have their own morgue The average age of a British cruise passengers is 57 with 40 per cent aged 65 and over so it probably shouldnt come as a.

Surprisingly there is a morgue on board too. The bodies of the deceased are stored on the ship until it docks. Yes they do.

Sure you have access to cabin dining hall bars sun decks gyms but there are separate versions of these on a lower deck for the crew to use. All large cruise liners have morgues despite not many travellers knowing that Despite the rough night cruise ships can hold their own against extreme. Find out what else cruise ships are hiding from their passengers.

TIL that cruise ships have morgues in them. Cruise lines also assign a member of a ships on-board Guest Care Team to. Separate from food storage areas most morgues are small with room for three to six bodies.

The persons body is then put in a body bag which cruise ships are required to carry and stored in the ships morgue. Cruise ship hospitals dont exist but each ship does have an infirmary generally on one of the lowest decks where passengers can go to. Get more Tips here.

The short answer is yes there are morgues on cruise ships. Its not uncommon for more than one passenger to pass away during cruise. But we only have around 1 death per 100000 guests so it would be rare indeed to use all of the spaces.

One cruise ship worker on Reddit claimed to see at least three deaths a month while Cruise Ship Critic puts the number of deaths on cruise ships at three per week worldwide. On larger ships enough space for a few. Yes cruise ships have morgues.

Each oceangoing cruise ship is required to carry body bags and maintain a morgue. Cruise ships all have morgues on board. While death at sea might be a bit taboo to talk about given the advanced age of many cruisers and the sheer number of people who sail each year — tens of millions — theres bound to be a small number of passengers who die at sea generally from natural causes.

On average roughly 200 people die on cruise ships each year so most ships have the capacity to store up to 10 bodies at a time.

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